Community Policing–Does it really work or is it a “feel good” program?




You are a law enforcement officer (LEO) representing your agency making a presentation to a group of concerned citizens including the media. Your objective is to sway the audience into seeing the issue from a different perspective (that of the police).

1.Briefly describe the nature of the problem/issue. (Carefully analyze the problem: myths vs. facts; pros vs. cons.)
2.Discuss the history of the issue.
3.Describe the extent of the problem/issue (is it an actual problem or a perception).
4.Use at least two actual examples/cases to illustrate your position.
5.What are the best practices in this area? (What police agencies/cities/states already use the program/policy?)
6.What is the recommended solution?
Do not base your position on personal opinion.
Use research and statistics to support your position.
The audience members should leave your presentation feeling more informed

Consult at least three (3) SCHOLARLY sources in preparing your presentation. Reference page