analyze your own career socialization.

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analyze your own career socialization.

What factors influences and events have shaped your own career development?Explain


The purpose of this assignment is for you to personally analyze your own career socialization.

This paper should capture a personal and career analysis of your life form the values attitudes and behaviors that you have developed up to this point in your life. What specific factors people and events make your career development different from any other person?

For example how has your career development been differentially affected by

1) your early childhood experiences

2) your parent of family values

) societal influences in school the media and overall values of the American culture

4) your personality 5) socioeconomic race class ethnic and religious factors

7) specific events or transitions in your life and

8) psychosocial emotional and psychological barriers/problems.

Your paper should specifically address many of these areas. Your content is your own knowledge about how you have been socialized. Personal reflection discussion with others and a conscious awareness of your past and present are prerequisites for completing this assignment. Papers are to be typed (double space 12 pt font)