Chapter 5 and 6 “Motivation and affect,” “The Self: Mind, Gender and Body”

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Chapter 5 and 6 “Motivation and affect,” “The Self: Mind, Gender and Body”


Chapter Opinion Paper Requirements:

–    Each assigned chapter has elements that may influence a students thought processes; therefore, you are required to write an Opinion Paper of your thoughts or the impact of any component or the context of the chapters, which are assigned on the syllabus.

–    Opinion Papers are not summaries of the chapter. Utilize the objectives and content in each chapter and our discussions in class to guide your paper. Your paper will reflect your opinion, or difference of the points discussed. Please remember your opinion is unique to you and should only reflect your thoughts.

–    You can discuss any experience or situation, for example incident on your job, or while you were being a consumer or played a role in serving a consumer, or any occurrence based on current affairs that may reflect the contents of the chapters. You could agree or disagree with a topic we covered in the chapters,

–    Since this is your opinion then it is an individual and unique experience, therefore the expectation is that two students would not have the same papers.

–    The paper should be two pages in length. It should be typewritten, double-lined spaced, using a 12-pt. font. Please know that in order to receive credit for these papers they cannot be less than two pages. Both these pages will cover the required chapters of the paper.