Choose a company. (your choice)

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Choose a company. (your choice)


  1. Choose a company. (your choice)
    2. Fill in the building model canvas for your company. Attach it as an Appendix
    3. Explain all nine building blocks in your own words and demonstrate at least one element in each block.
    4. Make sure the blocks are under headings so there’s no confusion.
    Here is what I am looking for:
    10% – Introduce the company briefly. After the introduction give a thesis statement. In this paper/presentation I will show you how the Acme Plug Company utilizes the nine building blocks to

70% – In your own words explain what each building block means to you. Give an example of the block. Show one element the company utilizes. Tie them in from the Scaling Up text to support your work if possible. You must show each block on the canvas as it relates to your company.

10% – Conclusion Does the company utilize the building blocks? Would you change anything the company does? What is your outlook on the building blocks?

10%  – Grammar APA & References
it will be approximately 8 1/2 Pages as follows: Cover page 1/2 page each for the introduction and 9 blocks. a 1/2 page conclusion 1 page canvas as an appendix and one page for references.