Critically evaluate a range of theoretical interpretations of motivation and explore how they can help teachers to encourage learner motivation.

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Critically evaluate a range of theoretical interpretations of motivation and explore how they can help teachers to encourage learner motivation.

Critically evaluate a range of theoretical interpretations of motivation and explore how they can help teachers to encourage learner motivation.


Critically evaluate a range of theoretical interpretations of motivation and explore how they can help teachers to encourage learner motivation.

Leadership and Finance for Effective Service Delivery
Assessment 2
Assessment Type: Report

Assessment Scylace Hospital Cardiac Clinic

You are the general facilities manager of Scylace Hospital. The hospital has both inpatient and outpatient departments conducts a variety of procedures including diagnostic procedures surgery including transplants and the prescription and dispensation of medicines. Scylace Hospital is run by NHS Scylace which is part of NHS Scotland.

You are responsible for the costs of facilities services including buildings maintenance cleaning laundry waste disposal (including clinical and hæmatology waste) and catering. The costs include wages and salaries materials and equipment power usage and outsourced services.

You do not have any authority to recruit new staff or to make staff redundant but you can make recommendations on staffing levels to the Human Resources Director and you can reasonably expect your recommendations to be acted on. You are responsible for approving all orders for supplies services and equipment for facilities services including although orders for anything costing over £200000 must be also be approved by the Director of Finance. In appraising capital spending proposals NHS Scylace uses a discount rate of .5%.

The Finance Director has asked you for a report on the following two developments.

Development 1:

You have been given a demonstration of an example of a new robotic cleaning machine which is available for purchase. Each machine costs £25000 and has an expected useful life of about 10 years. It is not known what the scrap value will be when the machine is no longer serviceable but may be anywhere between 5% and 20% of the original cost.

Each new machine can be purchased with a 10-year warranty maintenance contract costing £10000 for the whole 10 years (£1000 per machine per year). This payment is to be made on purchase of the machine.
Additional staff training in using the machines would cost £5000 and would need to be conducted as soon as the machines are purchased.

If 10 new machines are purchased you will be able to save £56000 per year in staff costs but you will need to pay £14000 in redundancy payments.

The cost of power supplies to the machines is estimated to be about £5000 (£500 per machine) per year and the cost of materials for use with the machines is estimated at £1000 (£100 per machine) per year.

Although the new machines can create new hazards they can also reduce the exposure of cleaning staff to hazardous activities and other hospitals using the machines have reported a 50% reduction in days lost to injuries and work-related infections among cleaning staff. They also reported a slight drop in hospital-acquired infections among patients. However the manufacturer is unable to provide long-term data on the reliability of the machines or on changes in performance over time beyond the product warranty. Because of the expense involved the purchase of 6 or more machines will require the approval of the Finance Directors. Any redundancies will need approval from the Human Resources Director

Development 2:

Both UK and Scottish government ministers are enormously enthusiastic about a new developing technology Settee Surgeon which will enable people to perform their own transplants in the comfort of their own homes. NHS Scotland has been given a target to ensure that 50% of all NHS heart surgery in Scotland is to be performed at home using this technology by 2025. Settee Surgeon’s developers say that early testing results are very encouraging although they predict that a small proportion of users will still require some further hospital treatment after their home surgery. The impact of this new technology is difficult to predict. For the financial year ending April 5th 202 the board of NHS Scylace have asked the hospital cardiac clinics to be prepared for anywhere between 5% and 0% of all transplants currently conducted in the hospital to be conducted at home using Settee Surgeon compared with 0% at present. Because transplant patients spend longer in the hospital than the average for other surgery this may have a major impact on the number of beds in use.

The Scylace Hospital Finance Director has therefore proposed that flexible budgeting should be applied to all services for transplant patients including maintenance cleaning laundry and catering which are services which you are responsible for managing.

Part I – Title Executive Summary and Introduction

(a) Front cover with title and addressee (% Weighting)
(b) Executive Summary (12% Weighting)
(c) Introduction (10% Weighting)

Part II – Cleaning Robots
(d) Methods for appraising the proposed investment in the proposed new cleaning robots (10% Weighting)
(e) Appraisal of the proposed investment in the new cleaning robots (10% Weighting)
(f) Conclusions (5% Weighting)
(g) Recommendations (10% Weighting)

Part II – Flexible Facilities Budget for Transplant Patient Care

(h) Discussion of the benefits and disadvantages of flexible budgeting (5% Weighting)
(i) Discussion of the obstacles to introducing a flexible budget for facilities services for transplant patients (20% Weighting)
(j) Conclusions (5% Weighting)
(k) Recommendations (5% Weighting)

Part III – References

(l) Reference list (5% Weighting) Appendices are not permitted.

See attached feedback sheet for assessment criteria.
Your report can be no longer than 2500 words. Your submission should use single line spacing.
Appendices are not permitted.