Death of a Salesman

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Death of a Salesman

Death of a Saleman”




Short Drama Paper

Draft Due (30 points) Sunday April 25

Three sources PLUS the play are required.

Formal analytical papers  (750+  word) demonstrate your ability to respond to a reading with a central idea supported by relevant adequate and varied evidence. Each essay must progress logically from beginning to middle to end and which demonstrate a control on the level of the sentence and the paragraph.  In each essay research is required and must be incorporated into the essay using proper MLA form for both in-text citation and works cited page. You must use research. Make sure you review the essay checklist before submitting your paper.

Playwrights often use subplots and minor characters to either reinforce the theme of the play or offer contrasting views on the subject of the play by using analogies (similarities between things that make a clearer or reinforced understanding).

Select one of the following topics:

In Death of a Salesman Biff says that Willie had the wrong dream. Discuss what this dream was and what dream did Biff think he should have.

How to properly quote and cite drama in a formal essay.

Plays with numbered lines (Shakespeare Sophocles) capitalize and punctuate the lines exactly as the playwright has. Use backslash to indicate line breaks.  The in-text citation contains act scene and line numbers. Ex. (Shakespeare  1.2.365).

In plays without numbered lines (Miller Ibsen) in-text citations include the authors last name and the page number from version you have cited.  Ex. (Miller 787).