Develop a digital marketing case study that would be suitable for admission to this awards ceremony.

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Develop a digital marketing case study that would be suitable for admission to this awards ceremony.

Develop a digital marketing case study that would be suitable for admission to this awards ceremony.


MN2325 Digital Marketing

Coursework: Individual Case Study 70%

Assignment Question – Digital Marketing case study for the HubSpot Impact Global HEART Awards Imagine you are an employee at a blue chip marketing agency. You want to put in your bid for the prestigious HubSpot Impact Global HEART Award which recognises significant
contributions that marketing campaigns have made for diversity inclusion and belonging.
Develop a digital marketing case study that would be suitable for admission to this
awards ceremony.

Use the following structure:

(1) Abstract (150 words max which is not included in the word count)

(2) Introduction (present the diversity and/or inclusion challenge that the marketers tried to
solve and what the goals of the campaign were)

(3) Body case content (use approximately 3-5 sub-headings)

(4) 4-5 outcomes of the campaign Absolute maximum word limit 2000 – this excludes all the title
page tables/graphs/diagrams abstract and an extensive bibliography.

Note that graphs and illustrations are not included as the TurnItIn software will not count the
words in graphic file formats. Do not write your own name anywhere on the paper. One of the best ways to prepare for this assignment (beyond attending all the lectures and seminars and covering all the specified readings) is to try to set yourself with a social media presence.

Why not find a personal interest social cause or political campaign or just look to explore ‘brand me’ develop some content (blog vlog videos memes photography) and then use a range of digital marketing platforms to try to create an audience.

How will I be awarded marks? ADHERENCE TO THE SPECIFIED CASE STUDY FORMAT 25% Effective and compelling (interesting to read) case studies usually include a number of critical elements in addition to following the prescribed structure (outlined above) you should also include;

(-) A key challenge around diversity and/or inclusion that the marketers tried to solve. (-) Goals that the marketers aimed for. (-) Contributions that the campaign made. The case should include detailed relevant digital marketing metrics. Examples of well-written cases can be found in many academic journals and textbooks.

You may find the SAGE Business Case Collection particularly instructive (link here: every case is free to access if you are on campus or  using the College VPN via Campus Anywhere). You should clearly identify if you are using real names or have anonymised them.

You should also highlight the case writers knowledge of the situation and perspective. Is the case written based on primary (in company) or secondary research (armchair)? You should use only real factual information. All facts and direct quotations should be clearly referenced.


Demonstrate ANALYSIS do not be descriptive. Be inspired by quality journalism such as The Economist. Uses the journalistic inverted pyramid style to present content . Use coherently articulated analysis of the company’s digital marketing activities.

Do not be overly descriptive. Use newly acquired digital theory do not recycle marketing theory you learnt on other (marketing)
modules. You will not have space to write descriptive background sections. Do not describe digital marketing theory but undertake a deep dive of all the digital marketing activity use tools to bring out a wide range of pertinent metrics and interpret them cogently.


(number based analysis) driven insight is expected. Remember to show pertinent
comparisons with historic data and a range of competitors. Original author created graphical representations are strongly encouraged.

Take the time to learn how to create your own powerful summaries of data that make a point using Excel and PowerPoint (or the equivalents from other providers). Do not drown the audience (your peers) with unhelpful information.

Remember often less is more. For example use number significance appropriately most analytics tools default to two decimal
places – is 66.66% 67% or two thirds (2/3) better at putting your point across? All images
and data MUST be referenced using the Harvard in text protocol.

Do not include irrelevant content e.g. background sections are actively discouraged and remember the audience for your report is students like you not the usual academic target:
‘average person on the street’.

An accurate word count must appear on the first page of the submission. Do not exceed the word count limit one word over results in a 10% grade reduction.

Do not consider outsourcing your assignment we have a number of clever ways of spotting these (it is very easy) and the sanction can result in leaving the university.


Effective use of a range of practical and theoretical digital marketing concepts drawn from the module and wider reading are evidenced by accurate and frequent in text Harvard citations. Use do not just explain or describe theory. This means do not cut copy paste models and diagrams from the web but create your own original analysis that comes from a synthesis of a multiple sources of information e.g. compare and contrast key digital metrics of focus company with its near competitors and exemplars.


You should clearly outline the marketing goals that were achieved through the campaign and how these aimed towards an increased diversity and/or inclusion for the client. ENGLISH STYLE AND REFERENCING (20%) (10%) An extensive Harvard bibliography which demonstrates wide and deep academic research 30+ quality citations sorted alphabetically by the lead author’s LAST name. You will need to cite the multiple tools you have used to scrape data but limit this to one reference
per tool.

Remember to demonstrate that you have read the core text and accessed a variety of other academic journal sources. (10%) Accurate spelling and grammar with an appropriate academic writing tone that presents information using a compelling narrative.

This is where you get to demonstrate that you have enhanced your study skills via engagement with texts such as Stella Cottrell’s Critical Thinking Skills and Tom Chatfield’s Critical Thinking. CeDAS also have useful references on their website. Lower grades are often awarded to students who have not progress beyond first year descriptive writing.