Engaging Australia and the Asia-Pacific – Research Analysis

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Engaging Australia and the Asia-Pacific – Research Analysis

Develop a 1000-word research analysis of a specific Australian industry operating in the Asia-Pacific.


Engaging Australia and the Asia-Pacific – Research Analysis

Task Description:

Develop a 1000-word research analysis of a specific Australian industry operating in the Asia-Pacific. The target audience should be the management of an enterprise or enterprises within your industry. You will outline how to overcome political cultural and contemporary (i.e. Covid-19) challenges to business success in that industry within a specific Asia-Pacific country.

You may choose any industry you like; some examples would be fashion iron ore wine wheat financial services construction insurance beef etc. Categories like agriculture mining manufacturing and services are too broad and you will need to look more narrowly. You will focus on the information supplied in modules nine through twelve information gleaned from earlier modules may also be relevant.

You will need to:

  1. explain how enterprise and trade in that industry could develop profitably and sustainably
  2. specifically explain the political knowledge and cultural competencies required to operate effectively within your chosen country.
  • Word limit: 1000 words (+/-10%).
  • References ARE NOT included in word limit

Criteria & Marking:

Your analysis should have an introduction body and conclusion. Your analysis should have an argument that brings the various points you make together (i.e. your evidence). The aim of this exercise is to utilise the information contained in modules nine through twelve.

You can consult a range of sources including the information supplied in earlier course modules business reports and analyses academic books and articles longer media articles (news and magazine websites etc) and government reports and speeches.

You do NOT need to use all these types of sources in your article. The minimum expectation would be for at least six sources but you should go beyond this minimum and achieving higher grades will require you to do so. You should especially focus on country-specific market and business analyses and academic sources.

There are no minimum requirements for academic journal articles and books in this assessment item and it is up to you to choose the type of sources appropriate for your analysis.

You may of course use academic sources if you think they are appropriate. All evidence presented must be referenced properly referenced using APA MLA the in-text referencing (author-date or Harvard) system or the footnoting system; all forms require a reference list at the end. The most important factor in referencing is to be consistent. Tips for success

  • Read the feedback provided by your Tutor for the previous two assessments and apply their recommendations.
  • Click here for Tom’s Essa Writing Guide
  • Need assistance with structure researching and referencing contact the Library via this link https://intranet.secure.griffith.edu.au/library/forms/help