Gender difference in society Applying Lifespan Development:

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Gender difference in society Applying Lifespan Development:


You may choose one of the topic and write a paper with 2+ peer reviewed research articles. Elaborate on your chosen sub-topic with at least *two peer-reviewed research articles*** which must be your two MAIN sources

1. Gender difference in society
Applying Lifespan Development: What sorts of activities might you encourage a preschool boy to undertake to encourage him to adopt a less stereotypical gender schema?
2. Death and dying
how dying is affected by culture
3. Death and dying
how we can prepare for death.

An introduction (FOUR FULL pages) to your chosen sub-topic by way of WHY you like it and/or find it interesting. Share your personal perspectives; perhaps a bit of your personal life story that contributed to why you chose your subtopic over all other possibilities. Of course as you are writing this section be sure to highlight the most important elements/points of the topic!

A discussion section (FOUR FULL pages) which includes the discussion of at least two peer-reviewed research articles related to your subtopic. These two sources must be your two MAIN sources. This section also includes your perspectives and comments about these articles. APA formatting is required throughout your paper. In this section it is crucial that you use APA style in-text citations to cite your peer-reviewed research article sources
Very important: if your main two sources are not peer-reviewed research articles you will not receive a passing grade for this paper.

Conclusion (2 FULL pages):
One key inclusion: describe how a deeper understanding of your sub-topic has had (and/or will have) a direct applicable impact on your life and/or your future