In the past few weeks, there have been rumours in the business press that GAMEPLEMENT Inc.

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In the past few weeks, there have been rumours in the business press that GAMEPLEMENT Inc.

would replace its Executive Board. Today, only a few days after the annual shareholders’ meeting, those rumours were finally confirmed when the chairman of the Board of Directors announced the names of the new management team “Just looking at the facts, this change might come a bit surprising “, Peter Player, chairman of the Board of Directors, stated.

Based on GAMEPLEMENT’s most recent financial results, one would have to say that the past year was a success. GAMEPLEMENT’s gaming PC, “GPC Classic”, continues to be in high demand. The company’s financial results and market share are roughly in line with those of its competitors.

Why then was the former Executive Board replaced? Peter Player states that “the former board was not able to present a satisfactory strategy for the sustainable, long-term growth of GAMEPLEMENT Inc. to the Board of Directors.” Outdated manufacturing plants with poor ecology standards, a focus on just one distribution channel and a very conservative marketing mix are just a few of the points that raised questions about GAMEPLEMENT’s long-term development. Several renowned industry experts have repeatedly criticized the management for “a lack of vision and economic expertise”. Most financial analysts also agreed with the above statement.

According to Peter Player, “this negative feedback from the analysts was a clear signal for us to act”. The Board of Directors expects that the new management “will work hard to put GAMEPLEMENT Inc. back on the path to sustainable growth.” The new management will take over from 01 January 20X1. Only time will tell if the management is able to fulfil these huge expectations.