Reverse the Effects of Racial Implicit Bias and Address Mental Health in the Criminal Justice System

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Reverse the Effects of Racial Implicit Bias and Address Mental Health in the Criminal Justice System

Reverse the Effects of Racial Implicit Bias and Address Mental Health in the Criminal Justice System


Reversing the Effects of Racial Implicit Bias and Addressing Mental Health in the Criminal Justice System

Your position paper should be an argumentative paper where you are presenting the solution you are no longer discussing the actual issue as it pertains to its history or causes. Your position paper should be an analyzing implementation cost specific solutions and measurable requirements to determine success or effectiveness.

For the Unit 4 IP Draft you will identify and fully analyze the topic(s) you have selected to address in Weeks 2 and 3. You may exceed the 6 pages if necessary. You will identify the problems associated with the topic as well as a specific method of change implementation. You will defend your recommended changes and discuss the anticipated outcome of the promulgated actions..

Note: It cannot be stressed enough the need for defending the actions advocated as well as ensuring that facts stated are well-supported and based on appropriate references and not emotive responses.
Assignment Guidelines

This is a position paper that will contain a breakdown of but is not limited to the following questions:

  • How did you select the topic in terms of its importance to the social community?
    o Did it come from the media? Why or why not?
    • What are the issues problems or policies that need to be addressed?
    o Is it an issue problem or policy? Explain.
    o Is it a combination of an issue problem or policy? Why or why not? Explain.
    • What implemented changes are proffered to affect the topic(s) selected?
    o Be specific with recommended changes.
    o Match recommendations with the specific component that you are intending the implementation to affect.
  • How are the changes valid for the topic(s)? (This is the defense portion and should be significant.)

o The positions and changes recommended must be defended with logic and facts.
o Facts must all be supported with adequate research sources from legitimate references (cite the facts in APA style in the outline).

  • Without defended recommendations this paper will have no merit.
  • What is the anticipated outcome of the changes for the research topic(s)?

o Use logic and deductive approaches to the anticipated outcome.
o If you can show something to be so and it relates to the next step then the deduction will be strong.
o Remember that if any of the arguments in deductive logic are false then the outcome cannot be valid.

  • A minimum of 8–10 appropriate references must follow the paper.

o This is the backbone of your decision-making process

o It cannot be stressed enough that your references need to be from legitimate academic and scholarly sources and must be sound in their scientific acceptance.

o Use academic search engines if you are using the Internet.
o Do not use simple Internet searches.
o Do not limit yourself to Internet-only resources if possible.

  • The references must be written in APA style for a reference page. Each reference should be followed by a short paragraph that describes what this reference source is going to contribute to the research.
    • Citations are appropriate in the outline from the references that you have provided. Citations will be in APA format.

Note: If you are able to address all of the requirements in just 6 pages then the quality needs to be extremely high. While it is a 4-6 page minimum it is recommended that you stop when you meet the goal not just because you got to 6 pages.

  • First revise your Unit 4 IP based on instructor feedback and peer responses.
  • Next add to your final Unit 4 IP draft by addressing the following in 4–5 pages:

o Select 1 alternative to your position addressed in the Unit 4 IP regarding your selected topic:

  • What major points are argued by proponents of this alternative position? Explain in detail.
    § Conduct research on this alternative position and evaluate the arguments.
    § Do the arguments hold any merit? Why or why not?
    § What policies currently exist that support these arguments? Explain in detail.
    § Which position is more significant for improving the current state of the criminal justice system? Explain in detail.
  • Remember to use academic and scholarly sources to support your arguments.
    • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.