Should the United States Continue Fracking?

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Should the United States Continue Fracking?

Position Paper




Read the following article:

Answer the following prompt:

Should the United States Continue Fracking?

Assignment Guidelines:

Length:            750-1000 words (approximately 2.5-3.5 pages)

Format:            Times New Roman (or similar) 12-pt. font 1-inch margins double spaced proper

MLA heading & works cited.

In your essay you are required to reference at least one assigned reading. You can use these outside sources to do any number of things: introduce an issue introduce a useful concept provide an example provide support for your argument or consider a counterargument.

Make clear your stance in your introduction and then support it using well-developed body paragraphs with relevant facts observations descriptions brief stories and/or sound reasoning. (Avoid logical fallacies). For this paper it is okay to use first-person (I me my) but remember to use personal narrative to support your thesis.

Note: As for sources please note: you are not required to do any research for this paper but if you do be very careful to cite any idea you are borrowing from somebody else.

Goals for Paper 3:

Looking for a solid thesis statement. This thesis statement should clearly state the papers perspective on the issue and what stance or perspective you are taking on it. Dont just state a fact. Thesis statements always need to answer the so what? question.  Your thesis should not include first person (I me my). It should be one sentence. It should be the last sentence of your introduction.


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