Study the ocean shipping scene of ‘containerization’ that existed around 2004 and explain how the value was created by freight forwarders.

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Study the ocean shipping scene of ‘containerization’ that existed around 2004 and explain how the value was created by freight forwarders.

In addition, explain the service provider or service consumer roles that were played by the freight forwarders and how they perceived value in each of those roles.

(b) What is the concept of value co-creation as against a mono directional relationship between service provider and service consumer? In your own words and from examples given in the case study, how was value co-created by shippers, shipping lines and ship owners in the early 2000s?


Question 2
(a) What is the meaning of a guiding principle in ITIL? Explain how the following guiding principles were represented and adopted with the SAP Financial system implementation in COSCO:

(i) Focus on Value
(ii) Progress Iteratively with Feedback

(b) COSCO finds one of the ITIL guiding principles, Optimize and Automate, to be very aligned to its new project – IRIS-2 Container Management System. Provide any SEVEN (7) examples on how this guiding principle has been most supportive and beneficial to COSCO.

Question 3
(a) Having understood what are Guiding principles, explain the principle of “Start Where You Are”. Do you think this principle was applied during the IRIS -2 implementation? If yes, how was this done?

(b) For supporting the newly established Integrated Regional Information System – V2, COSCO plans to establish a Helpdesk and/or a Service desk. Please help the COSCO management understands how the ITIL practices of Incident Management and Service Desk contribute to the Service Value Chain.

Question 4
(a) As you are aware, to support a holistic approach to service management, ITIL defines FOUR (4) dimensions that are collectively important for the efficient and effective facilitation of the value.

Identify the steps taken by COSCO in dealing with the following TWO (2) dimensions of Service Management, as part of their strategy going forward:

(i) Organizations and People
(ii) Information and Technology

(b) Explain in brief what are value streams and why would it be important for COSCO management to understand their characteristics.

Question 5

(a) Identify the factors that impact the overall strategy of the organization when dealing with suppliers. Give examples of how COSCO managed each of these factors.

(b) Can you briefly put forth to the COSCO management, a model that can help service providers analyze the external