This individual case assignment assesses your ability to use the concepts, perspectives, and analytical tools taught in the course to recommend a strategic change to improve a firm’s performance.

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This individual case assignment assesses your ability to use the concepts, perspectives, and analytical tools taught in the course to recommend a strategic change to improve a firm’s performance.

Your output will be a professional-quality report addressing all aspects of analysis and strategy formulation. You will apply the analytical concepts and tools provided in the course to analyze the assigned firm, diagnose and prioritize strategic issues, and recommend a course of action to address what you believe is the most important issue affecting the firm’s performance over the next five years.


This is not a ‘prepared’ case. You will need to conduct adequate research to gather data for your analysis. Certainly, you should start with the firm’s Feb 2020 Annual Report/10-K and IBISWorld industry reports on the industry(note – be sure you research after logging into the UB library, otherwise IBISWorld will ask you for hundreds of dollars! Lol). You will also need to research further into the company’s website, industry journals, trade associations, popular business press, etc. It is expected that you will have a minimum of 8 different sources(I’ve already named two!) and you could have more. You really don’t need to do much beyond the above and a few cites to dig a little deeper into key issues you identify. Use credible sources and properly cite (in-line citation style) your sources and provide a reference list as an attachment to your report. (Lack of citations/references and or inappropriate citations will cost points). Data sources are for DATA – you are to demonstrate the ability to pull important data from these sources, analyze and synthesize it, and develop conclusions as described in the course and the analysis templates that will be covered. Reporting the conclusions and findings of others’ analysis is 100% unacceptable.  Repeat –

*, DO NOT report other people’s analysis and conclusions. You are to use data to work through the templates and other analysis tools in your own brain. Be an analyst, not a reporter.

Once you have completed each of the templates (i.e. analytical and diagnostic steps), you will write up a report of your conclusions and recommendations. This expanded report builds from – and must be consistent with – your templates and other analytical efforts. Below is a recommended outline to follow to help you see and include all that is expected (you should also reference the grading rubric for this assignment as a checklist/guide for assembling your report).

Use section headings, as suggested by this outline or otherwise as you deem appropriate, to organize your paper.

*Study the provided examples of past papers to get an idea of what a top-quality report looks like*

Think about what you are doing. You need to (1) understand the current situation of the firm ….(2) identify and prioritize strategic issues that are or will soon negatively affect performance… (3) select and frame the one single issue you think is most critical to address… (4) identify optional ways to address that issue….(5) formulate a plan of action to implement what you conclude is the one best way to address the issue….and (6) provide a summary plan on how to execute your recommendation.


  1. Introduction

A very brief executive summary of your key conclusions, recommendation, and expected outcome if your expectation is implemented

  1. Firm Strategy (Strategy template)

Describe the firm’s competitive strategy and business model

  • Current Performance (Performance template)

Assess the firm’s current status with regard to creating and capturing value and give an overall assessment of their performance status and outlook for the next five years

  1. Resources and Capabilities (Resources and capabilities template)

Identify, describe, and appropriately prioritize the firm’s most important resources and capabilities

  1. Key Success Factors and Drivers of Change (External analysis template)

Describe the key success factors for firms in this industry, the drivers of change that will affect this industry over the next five years, and how, if at all, key success factors are expected to change over time.

  1. Diagnosis of Strategic Alignment (Diagnosis template)

Describe your conclusions about the alignment of the firm’s strategy to the environment and their current resources and capabilities to their strategy. What linkages are not well aligned? What are the implications for performance of each misalignment? And finally, what do you conclude is the one misalignment issue that should be addressed in order to have the greatest positive impact on performance over the next five years?

  • Change Proposal and Expected Outcomes

Describe your recommended strategic change to address the issue identified at the end of section VI. Summarize your forecast of the net performance benefit of implementing your recommendation. Identify challenges that may inhibit the implementation of your proposal and how they might be avoided or overcome. Summarize the key steps and management actions that will aid the implementation of your proposal.


Include each of your template worksheets here. You can put any other tables, analysis of financial statements, forecasts, etc. here as you prefer…rather than clutter up the main body in your report. Reference an appendix when you bring forward a portion of data in your body text. Your items here should show analysis….not just copies of data (e.g. the firm’s financial statements that I can find right in the 10-k).

The rate in your citations and putting things in your own words.


A Table of Contents is not necessary

At the top of the first page, include:

Your NameSix Flags Case Analysis          Mgmt790.WB1   Sp2021

Pages:           1” margins all around

12 point type – Times New Roman or Calibri preferred

Single spaced

PAGE NUMBERS at bottom