What is a key legal problem/ issue that your selected prompt is addressing?

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What is a key legal problem/ issue that your selected prompt is addressing?

Assignment #1
Please respond to each of the following short answer questions from the link:

State border closures divide legal opinion

Word limit is 800 words
a) What is a key legal problem/ issue that your selected prompt is addressing? (Please note, there may be multiple issues in your prompt, in which case you may choose one) (100 words) (1 mark)
b) Summarise any key points contained in the prompt; (100 words) (1 mark)
c) What relevance does this prompt have for Australian people? (100 words) (1 mark)
d) Is the author/interviewee’s opinion on the issue apparent? If so, what does the author’s/interviewee’s opinion appear to be?; (75 words) (1 mark)
e) Identify a relevant piece of legislation (or Bill) to which the theme of prompt pertains. You may look at any Australian jurisdiction when selecting your legislation. (25 words) (1 mark)
f) Identify any particular sections of your chosen legislation (or Bill) which might be relevant to the issue, and explain why you have chosen that section/sections (100 words) (1 mark)
g) Identify a legal case relevant to one of the key themes of your selected prompt; (25 words) (1 mark)
h) Briefly explain why you have chosen the above case; (100 words) (1 mark)
i) Identify a journal article that is relevant to the prompt (please provide citation); (25 words) (1 mark)
j) Summarise three key points contained in the journal article that you have found. (150 words) (3 marks – 1 for each point)
Please note that you will also be graded on the following:
·       Footnote referencing according to the AGLC (1 mark)
·       Clarity and precision of written expression (1 mark)
·       Presentation – including clear structure (1 mark)
In total you will be graded out of a total 15 marks.

Assignment 2: ‘Essay Preparation’
1500 Words (35%)

Introductory Instructions for All Students:
This assignment builds upon your work in Assignment 1 and aims to enhance your evidence base for the upcoming legal research essay (Assignment 3). In this assignment, you will develop a research portfolio by:
–          locating two journal articles; and
–          analysing the two journal articles; and
–          creating a bibliography of 10 relevant resources.
Please continue to work with the theme for this assignment which builds upon the opinion editorial which you originally selected in Assignment 1. You will see (below) that you have also been provided with a second article in your chosen subject area. This article has simply been provided to help you broaden your awareness on the topic and to open possible further avenues of research in the subject area. (For example, if you selected the sexual harassment prompt in Assignment 1, you will now look at the further prompt below called ‘A Journalist, Editor, Survivor, Lawyer, And Academic Weigh In On What’s Holding Back #MeToo In Australia ’ which has been provided simply to broaden your consideration of the issue).
Please be guided by the suggested approximate word limits for each component of the assignment. However, in this assignment, footnotes will not be counted in your final overall word limit.
Please note: There is a marking rubric attached to these instructions. This document contains information about the way that you will be graded for this assessment task.

Please follow the below set of instructions which is relevant to your selected topic.

1)      Please read the following media article. (This article has simply been provided to broaden your awareness on the topic and open possible further research avenues):

ABC News RMIT Fact Check, Is it illegal under the constitution for a state to close its borders to other Australians? (20th April 2020) https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-04-23/fact-check-state-border-closures-australian-constitution-corona/12164440

2)      Please locate two journal articles based on the following research theme which has emerged from the  articles provided to you in Assignment 1 and Assignment 2:
The legitimacy of Australian state and territory border closures in the context of COVID-19 relies upon the notion that such closures are reasonably necessary to protect the health and safety of state citizens. However, the Constitutionality of state closures is a contentious issue, with some academics suggesting that the nature and duration of some state closures represents a disproportionate response (which is at odds with various sections of the Constitution).

Please note: The above issue statement may not align completely with your ‘issue statement’ from Assessment 1. That is absolutely OK (and is to be expected). Please simply use the above issue statement as your guide to locate relevant journal articles for Assignment 2.

3)      Based on the above theme, please respond to the instructions FOR ALL STUDENTS below. You will need to produce two journal article summaries and a research portfolio according to those instructions.