You will take on the role of project manager and prepare a short report on the feasibility of aproposed project.

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You will take on the role of project manager and prepare a short report on the feasibility of aproposed project.

The project can be any recent projectthat is well documented in the public domain (e.g. web, newspapers, website) and can bein progress (currently undertaken) orproposed, but not yet completed. If the project youselect is in progress, you will assume that you are taking on the project from this point onwardsto completion. The assignment will involve a critical analysis in the form of a stakeholder analysis,defining the client needs, addressing the internal and external constraints, the internal corporate constraints and evaluating options and alternatives. Not all of these areas of analysis will be of equal weight in each project so you willneed to address these accordingly in your report.

Selecting a project that is easier to gather information about, will be an advantage.

You are permittedto be critical of the project and you do not need to agree with any documented decisiontaken (if you think it is not feasible but it hasgone ahead) provided you can justify your arguments).The challenge will be to put the information you gather into a useful, interesting, welldocumented and easy to read 3000-word max report for an executive level audience. You areencouraged to provide some information in tables (withoutextensive use of text) and use diagrams and pictures to support your report. Information in tables and diagrams does not count towards the word count. The overall length of thereport with appendices must not exceed 12 pages.

However the KBS cover/title/table of content sheets are excluded from the word count.

The font used must be Calibri (size 11 or more) andline spacing must be 1.5 with normal page margins.

Marking Guidelines

  1. Introduction (e.g. a concise introduction including the aims and scope of the report) andselecting a sensible project to analyse and providingevidence that it is real and not yetcompleted (in the appendices). Weighting10%
  2. A comprehensive feasibility study adequately addressingthe areas of analysis. The analysis must demonstrate that information has been gathered sensibly and synthesised (e.g. has been combined) to draw the conclusions (e.g. findings to enable critical evaluation and decision making). Weighting 40%
  3. An overview of the key findings and a clear conclusion to the feasibility study. You should be reporting any significant areas of uncertainty, challenges and limitations) Weighting 10%
  4. Structure (e.g. sensible headings for introduction,analysis & discussion, conclusion,appendices) and writing style (easy to read and understand,formal to an executive levelaudience) appropriate use of figures and tables andappendices (if used these must be cited inthe main document), and overall presentation (e.g. a nice looking report cover sheet; use of page number etc).

Weighting 30%5. Adequate referencing (Harvard with appropriatecitations in the document of websites,reports, books, journal articles etc). Weighting 10%Good luck and we look forward to reading your work!

Submission guidelines: An electronic version of yourassignment must be submitted throughTurnitin including the standard Business School Coversheet.